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About us
1 in 4 people in the UK experience a problem with their mental health each year
1 in 4 statistic vector
1 in 4 statistic vector
1 in 4 statistic vector
1 in 4 statistic vector
An estimated 2 million more people will be living with a mental illness by 2030

Mental health issues are common. Yet many of us don’t feel comfortable enough to talk about our own.


Talking Mental Health was founded on the belief that talking about mental health issues can help manage them and alleviate the stigmas that surround them.

We believe that the more we share our experiences with others, the easier it is for them to tell their own stories and seek help when it's needed.​​

Mental health issues are common.

talking about mental health

alleviate the stigmas

share our experiences

help when it's needed.

Our ethos
We want to be a community that encourages healthy, positive discussion about mental health, one that encourages people to freely express their mental health stories in an environment that is free from judgement and discrimination
positive discussion about
mental health
free from judgement
and discrimination
Protecting our community
As part of our commitment to our ethos, we have several methods of protecting our members from potentially harmful material: 
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Once registered, a member can surf the site in complete privacy without their name being added to our members list
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Members need to provide their username and agree to our terms of membership before they can begin posting
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Members of our community can flag a story or member behaviour they believe to be harmful
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