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Why we do what we do

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Our mission

 To reduce the number of lives lost to poor mental health 

For far too long, mental health has been a topic that many of us find difficult to talk about – but not through any fault of our own. Mental health and psychiatric 'disorders' have been poorly understood for centuries, leading to a modern-day society that is unsure of how to approach conversations about them.


The consequence of little meaningful dialogue about mental health is that it has become a topic that many feel reserved about, or even fear. Combined with inaccurate and damaging depictions throughout society, a lack of informed discussion about mental health means that it currently exists as a part of our lives that is rife with stigmas – stigmas that prevent people from talking about their emotions and accessing help when it's needed. 

How we plan to make a difference

So how can a small company like ours save lives lost to poor mental health?


It's a big mission and we know that. But that doesn't deter us. Even the biggest, most outlandish, most unlikely of goals can be achieved when it's broken down into smaller steps. 

Be curious

For us, the first step is to talk about mental health

but not on a superficial level.


We aim to explore all the intricacies and unique characteristics of mental health issues, and not shy away from topics that have otherwise been closed off from daily discussion for generations.

Encourage conversation 

Why is creating mental health content so important? Because it makes it easier for others to talk about it.


It provides something people can share and discuss with others, making mental health more approachable, engaging, and accepted as part of everyday discussion. 

Break down stigmas 

Just like anything else in life, talking about mental health increases understanding and reduces fear.  

With better informed conversation, out-dated stigmas can begin to be broken down, making it easier for people to talk about how they're feeling and for others to listen and advise.

Save lives 

Breaking down stigmas makes it easier for people to accept how they're feeling and to share their emotions and thoughts with friends, loved ones, and professionals. 

The end result is that people are more likely to seek help when it's needed and learn how to manage their mental health, reducing the risk of suicide and instead helping them live a fuller life.

Let's change the conversation for the better, together

For everyone

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