Our mission

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For far too long, mental health has been a topic that many of us find difficult to talk about – but not through any fault of our own.


For centuries, mental health and psychiatric 'disorders' have been poorly understood, leading to a society that is unsure of how to approach conversations about them. The consequence of little meaningful conversation about mental health means that it has become a topic that many feel reserved about, or even fear. 


Combined with inaccurate and damaging depictions throughout society, a lack of informed discussion about mental health means that it currently exists as a part of our lives that is rife with stigmas – stigmas that prevent people from talking about their emotions and accessing help when it's needed. 

We want to bring an end to this outdated view of mental health and mental health issues, and we believe the best way we can do that is to change how we talk about it. Broadly speaking, we plan to achieve our objective through the following three steps:


Building a credible source

We want to create a source of useful and interesting mental health-related content to help make mental health a more approachable subject for all.


Encouraging informed discussion 

Making mental health an easier, more engaging topic while improving access to mental health information increases the likelihood of people talking to others about it.


Breaking down stigmas

More informed conversations challenges long-established stigmas and outdated attitudes toward mental health issues, making it more likely that those people experiencing them will seek help when it’s needed.

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