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Life during COVID-19

Like most people, this lockdown has made me feel extremely down. Downer than my usual mild depressive state that I can deal with. Like millions of other people, I lost my job during the coronavirus. My lovely boss didn’t even pay me full redundancy pay either, so my self-esteem hasn’t been fantastic during this time.

However, I have been getting through it. I have been trying to write down a to do list every night, so the next day I have a routine of tasks to do. I get up at 8:30am everyday, and try and get showered and dressed and ready to start the day like a normal work day. If I don’t get showered straight away, I usually work out. Working out, really helps me feel good about myself and gives me some positive energy to tackle the rest of the day.

I have started two online courses and have been looking for work as the main the things that I do to keep busy.

The next step now is to focus on my actual passion, which is writing. Something I never do and always say I will but it gets pushed to tomorrow but never today. I think actually writing, even if it’s terrible and getting a story out of my mind and down on a page is a good start. I just need to stop procrastinating.

As cliché as it sounds during this time, I think the main thing to do is focus on the positives in your life that are going to make you feel better. Until we see someone else in a worse -off situation than us, we never really know how good we have it. Thankfully I have had really good friends around me that have built me up when I’ve been feeling down. During a time like this I think it is important to think about the people in your life that do make you feel better and the ones that don’t. Keeping toxic people at arm's length and noting who makes you feel good about yourself does help change your life for the better. There’s nothing worse than feeling depressed and someone pointing out the worst instead of the good.


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