Protecting our community

As part of our commitment to our ethos, we have several methods of protecting our members from potentially harmful material:

Accounts are private until they are made public by the user

Once registered, a member can freely access our Stories archive at any time without their name being added to our members directory. This lets members surf the site in complete privacy.* 

A member can make their profile public at any time by visiting their profile page, clicking the 'Make Profile Public' button, and then clicking 'Confirm' when prompted.

* Please note, private members cannot freely contribute stories. Instead, they will need to be submit stories via the Contribute page. They will also not be able to follow members, like posts or comment on posts.​ 

Members need to request to become a writer 

In order to subvert the administrative review process (which is the same as for non-members), members will need to request to be made a writer.


This can be done by visiting the 'Make a Request' tab of their profile and clicking the 'Request to become a writer' button. They will then need to provide their username and agree to our terms of membership. Requests will be reviewed by an administrator.

Community content and behaviour flagging

Members of our community can flag a story or member behaviour they believe to be harmful by using the 'Report an issue' link at the top of every page.


Flagged stories are temporarily unpublished and reviewed by an administrator and, if judged to be in contempt of our ethos, will be permanently deleted. If deemed safe, the post will be re-published. The author of the harmful post will also be investigated and, if they have consistently demonstrated harmful behaviour, will be subject to account deletion

Although we at Talking Mental Health believe that sharing experiences of mental health issues can help people better understand and manage their conditions, we do not condone using this website as a substitute for clinically-approved psychological or medicinal treatment.​ If you think you may have a mental health issue or may be experiencing symptoms that could be related to one, we recommend seeing your doctor.

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