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A new era
A new era
Not so long ago, being athletic was almost automatically associated with good mental health. 

Not anymore. 

Thanks to the work of athletes speaking out about the mental toil being a top sportsperson can bring, a new wave of awareness is challenging our perception of the mental health of the athletes we so admire. 

Our team explore the realm of mental health in sport, from a brief history of sport psychology to the role of social media in modern day discourse.
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The power of sport
Northampton-based Dodger Sevens has a unique premise: it's a rugby club created by men with experience of mental health issues for those dealing with them.

The impact of the club has been documented in a recent YouTube series called Blindside. Featuring hard-hitting interviews with six of the club's members, the series is a stark reminder of the power of sport as each member provides a candid account of the issues they've faced, and how sport has helped them through.  
In conversation with the creator... 
Game changers
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Game changers
From tennis to rugby, track and field to cricket, athletes from across the sporting spectrum are opening up about their own mental health struggles and championing a healthier, honest, and more informed discussion about mental health in sport.
In 2020, Simone Biles shocked the world as she withdrew from the Tokyo Olympic Games due to mental health concerns. Here, Biles speaks to NBC News about her decision and the work she is now working doing to challenge the stigma around mental health. 
Simone Biles
Prior to the first of his trilogy fights with Deontay Wilder, heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury sat down with Showtime Sports to talk about his remarkable recovery from depression and contemplating suicide to once again competing at the top of his sport. 
Tyson Fury
Big Boys Don't Cry follows England international and Harlequins rugby player Joe Marler as he discusses mental health struggles in his life and learns new methods of managing mental wellbeing. 
Joe Marler
Dame Kelly Holmes
One of Team GB's most decorated athletes, Double Olympic Champion Dame Kelly Holmes discusses her struggles with self-doubt and self-harming throughout her life, and how sport helped her cope. 
Marcus Trescothick & Jonathan Trott
Two of England's most talented cricketers, Marcus Trescothick and Jonathan Trott reveal what it was like to live with mental health issues whilst part of the England cricket team during their playing days.
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