Our spotlights bring attention to mental health topics that don't receive enough coverage and consideration in mainstream media or daily conversation.
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Technology & mental health
From apps and social media to artificial intelligence and telehealth, technology is reshaping our collective wellbeing as well as our fundamental understanding of mental health. 

In this Spotlight, we explore some of the many ways technology is affecting individuals and society, investigating key questions that remain unanswered.
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Alcohol & mental health
Around 2 billion people worldwide consume alcohol. Of those, an estimated 76 million people are affected by alcohol misuse disorders.

In honour of Dry January, we brought attention to the effects alcohol can have on our mental health.
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Sport & mental health
Thanks to the recent efforts of athletes from around the world, our understanding of how sport and mental health are intertwined is evolving.

In this Spotlight, we explore the origins of sport psychology, how sport impacts our mental health, and where we still need to improve our knowledge.
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LGBTQ+ mental health
Even with the progress that has been made in openly discussing gender and sexuality over the past few decades, the LGBTQ+ community continues to face challenges that can increase the likelihood of mental health issues.

To mark Pride month, we highlight the progress that has been so far in LGBTQ+ mental health, as well as what still needs to change. Includes downloadable resources provided by MindOut.
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