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An estimated 1 in 5 of us are neurodiverse – an umbrella term for conditions that, although are much better understood today, have a long history of stigma and being misunderstood. Here, we look at what neurodiversity is, examine its relationship with mental health, delve into its intricacies through exploratory articles and real-life accounts, and signpost towards useful resources.

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Cost of living

Late 2021 saw the beginning of an economic crisis most of the people living in the UK have never seen before. And its effects are still being felt today.​ In this spotlight, we look at how the cost-of-living crisis began, explore how it can affect mental health, signpost towards useful money management tools, and provide real-life accounts of the consequences of the ongoing crisis.

Image by Melanie Kreutz
Black mental health
Mental health affects us all, but disparities between specific communities remain in the amount of progress made and the types of issues they face. We highlight some of the issues Black communities continue to face in the UK, alongside the most influential Black figures in mental health and those pushing to make a difference.
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Technology & mental health
From apps and social media to artificial intelligence and telehealth, technology is reshaping our collective wellbeing as well as our fundamental understanding of mental health. In this Spotlight, we explore some of the many ways technology is affecting individuals and society, investigating key questions that remain unanswered.
Image by Margaux Bellott
LGBTQ+ mental health
Even with the progress that has been made in openly discussing gender and sexuality over the past few decades, the LGBTQ+ community continues to face challenges that can increase the likelihood of mental health issues.

To mark Pride month, we highlighted the progress that has been so far in LGBTQ+ mental health, as well as what still needs to change. Includes downloadable resources provided by MindOut.
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Sport & mental health
Thanks to the recent efforts of athletes from around the world, our understanding of how sport and mental health are intertwined is evolving.

In this Spotlight, we explore the origins of sport psychology, how sport impacts our mental health, and where we still need to improve our knowledge.
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Alcohol & mental health
Around 2 billion people worldwide consume alcohol. Of those, an estimated 76 million people are affected by alcohol misuse disorders.

In honour of Dry January, we brought attention to the effects alcohol can have on our mental health.
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