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In and Proud: a poem

Image of the LGBTQIA+ flag
Cecilie Johnson / Unsplash

The following poem was submitted to us anonymously. If you would like to submit your own content, whether attributed to you or not, can contact our team here.


For many, pride is a party,

A chance to celebrate

It’s time to sing

The party’s in full swing

Where love wins out over hate

For them, pride is shared

It’s big noise, vast and bold

They’re out and proud

They shout out loud

Waving the signs and banners they hold

For me, I’m a little bit quieter

A little bit shy, you could say

For me it is pride

That is felt deep inside

Rather than a public display

It’s not that I’m scared or ashamed

And I’m not living a lie, you see

I’m ‘in and proud’

Rather than ‘out and proud’

And I think that’s an okay thing to be

I have great people around me

I know they’d still love me the same way

I know who I am

And I know that I can

Come out to my loved ones, someday

So, to the ‘outs and prouds’, I applaud you,

Have fun as you celebrate this June

The stage is yours, so own it

But remember, just for a moment-

There are others, who hope to join you there soon

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