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What needs to change
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Leaps and bounds have been made in openly discussing gender and sexuality over the past few decades. But even so, the LGBTQ+ community continues to face challenges that can directly impact the rate at which mental health issues manifest among them.

The following statistics are from a recent report by Stonewall into LGBTQ+ mental health. 
of LGBT people said they've
experienced depression in the past year
1 in 8 
LGBT people aged 18-24 said they’ve attempted to take their own life in the last year

of trans people have thought about taking their own life in the last year – 31 per cent of LGB people who aren’t trans said the same


of non-binary people


of LGBT women


of GBT men

said they harmed themselves in the last year

1 in 6

LGBT people said they drank alcohol almost every day over the last year